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          Quality Policy:
          Customer focus for the focus, and constantly improve the quality management system.
          Quality goal:
          Finished a passing inspection rate of 99% or more, the factory pass rate of 100%.
          All quality activities of the company revolve around the quality policy to ensure that the product quality is fully realized.
          The market economy follows the law of value, the survival of the fittest, is a competitive economy, innovative economy, and innovation is a key factor in technology. An enterprise's technological innovation capability is an important indicator of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Zhejiang through unremitting efforts to strengthen the technological innovation work in the field of innovation, open the industry a new era, strict management, professional talent, high technology and advanced production equipment to ensure that technology research and development can always meet the business Constantly upgrading the market competition needs. Ensuring quality is the cornerstone of our strategy. Zhejiang to the advanced technology, strict testing, to provide customers with a reliable guarantee.
          Quality culture:
          In the process of enterprise development, we have gone from the quality and efficiency - the scale of the scale of efficiency of the road, full quality awareness from the product extends to work, efficiency, style, service, and gradually cultivate the "quality is manufactured, Is a conscious behavior, the service object is the user, so that the quality of the humanities to write the dignity of Zhejiang, "the quality of culture.
          Quality is not the best, only better, customer satisfaction is only the starting point, there is no end. We will always be customer satisfaction as the center, continue to strengthen the quality of management, and strive to catch up with the advanced level at home and abroad with the industry, striving for the Chinese people's own international brands.